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"We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy." -Albus Dumbledore


writer + nurturer

I believe we are created to live abundantly. The problem is, we are far too addicted to comfort.


As someone who spent most of her life idolizing comfort, I know firsthand that following Christ is not easy but seeking to live a pain-free life is to suffer aimlessly. After finding myself immersed in an impossible journey of helping my husband replant a broken church while doubling my kids from three to six through adoption, I began to see how my personal suffering was an invitation into divine abundance. And as I unraveled how blessing and pain coexist, I soon discovered the life my soul longed for right where I least expected it: 

In the tension.


Where the blessing of trusting God collides with the pain of letting go of self. Where the cost of comfort is personal, but the gain is infinitely more precious and worth the suffering. And where divine abundance is laid out like a feast in communion with Christ. 

I'm Kristina, a servant of Jesus, an unlikely pastor's wife, and a mother of six. I write to nurture your heart in the light so you can embrace the abundant life you were created for, even when it feels uncomfortable.



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