If I could tell you only one thing about stepping into the unknown, it’s this: no matter the length of uncertainty or guarantee of suffering, a leap is always worth taking when God is the one inviting you to jump. He is more than enough to sustain you in the journey, even when it feels like falling and you doubt that he's there. And you might even be surprised at the moment you realize the suffering is worth it as you discover the fullness your soul longs for there in the pain of letting go of yourself.

I’m Kristina. A disciple of Jesus Christ, an unlikely pastor’s wife, and a mother of six. I'm here to nurture your journey of faith as you follow Jesus, and I look forward to seeing where our paths meet along the way.


  • I grew up in Northern Minnesota. I left, then came back.

  • I grew up believing I needed to earn salvation. Now I rest in gospel of Jesus Christ, who is salvation.

  • I met an annoying boy in High School. After we graduated, he stopped being annoying and we got married. 

  • We struggled with infertility for 4.5 years, and I thought we'd never have a baby. Now my first baby is a teenager.

  • I said I would never have more than 4 kids. Then, I said yes to having 6.

  • Adopting siblings from West Africa was an impossible ask. But against all odds, they came home. 

  • I said I would never be a pastor's wife. Now I am one.

  • I also said I would never move into the house where my husband grew up. I live there now and love it.

  • I have held everything in my life too tightly and too loosely.

  • I have avoided pain, and I’ve embraced it. 

  • I've been bolder than I thought possible, and I've let fear stop me too many times.

  • I have started over more times than I can count. 

  • And then, I stopped bridling my response to the Lord's work in my life. 

The goal of #restovercomfort is to help each other remember to choose to rest in Christ over the comfort of our self-reliance. Follow the hashtag on Instagram to be encouraged and to encourage others by using it in your posts!


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