I believe we were created for abundant life; the problem is, we settle too quickly in the comfortable shadows when true abundance is found within the uncomfortable light. It's one thing to step into the daring path; it's another thing to continue on the way when blessing and pain collide. I hope my words here will bring light to your journey so you can live the fullness of life God created you for. 

I write to encourage you in the work God is doing in your heart by sharing my own continuing journey of being made new. As someone who spent most of her life avoiding conflict, I know the discomfort of leaning into the tensions that arise as everyday life and faith intersect. Still, through the unexpected journey of helping my husband replant a broken church while simultaneously doubling our kids through adoption, I learned the importance of embracing the things I would rather avoid and what it means to suffer well. And as I venture on as an unlikely pastor's wife and mother to six, I hope that my journey into abundant life can encourage you on yours as I share my story along the way. 


I look forward to seeing where our paths intersect. I'm so glad you're here.



  • I grew up in Minnesota. I left, then came back.

  • I was adopted into the family of God. I wandered, then claimed my place as His daughter. 

  • I met a boy I didn’t like in High School. Then, we fell in love and got married when we were nineteen. 

  • We struggled with infertility for 4.5 years. Now we have six kids.

  • Adopting three siblings from West Africa was impossible. Against all odds, we brought them home.

  • I never wanted to be a pastor's wife. I am one now.  

  • I have held everything in my life too tightly and too loosely.

  • I have avoided pain, and I’ve embraced it. 

  • I've been bolder than I thought possible, and I've let fear stop me too many times.

  • I have started over more times than I can count. 

  • And then, I stopped bridling my response to Lord's work in my life. 


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"The hard thing you and I are called to do today is not the jobs we do, the places we go, or the people we must love; it is first and foremost the hard work of turning our affections from self to Savior."

-Ruth Chou Simons